Making the most of the logbook loans

A quality aspect of signing up for the logbook loans is the procedure used in the application process. In most cases you will notice that the lenders don’t conduct a full credit check irrespective of the applicant’s prior history prior to approving the loan. So if you are someone that is experiencing difficulties with getting a loan from the high street lenders, like the banks and building societies, you will certainly appreciate the more flexible approach provided by the log book loan companies.

A further great quality of the application process is that it is completed very quickly. In most situations a loan is going to be approved or declined within a matter of hours and if approved the loan payment can be paid into the customer’s account within 36 hours. You might find that the interest rates on these types of loans are slightly higher than what you would expect with the mainstream lenders, but if you are able to shop around it should still be possible to get a very desirable loan offer.

Making certain to match the criteria

During the time spent consenting to one of the logbook propels it will be imperative to meet certain criteria set by the advance pros. Criteria relates to having full obligation regarding store free vehicle, which is inside an age of eight to 10 years (depends on upon the bank), and security is set up. Regardless of the way that there is an age control in association with the vehicle this won’t not be applicable in case you are planning to use a vintage or extraordinary auto. If you do assume that you have an imperative awesome auto which can be used as security you may need to contact the shipper direct remembering the true objective to develop the available choices in association with applying for a credit extension. It is similarly basic for the possibility to be developed 18 or over and an inhabitant of the United Kingdom.

A standard logbook progress is likely going to be established on a regard in the territory of £250 to £50,000, and this is clearly related to the vehicle that you will be used as certification. All things considered it is possible to get a propel that is comparable to 65 to 85% of the business estimation of the vehicle. Remembering the true objective to get a full valuation for a vehicles regard, the banks will send a delegate to inspect the vehicle to develop the right market regard, which allows to learn the credit whole open.

Is this a quick and easy loan option?

In the event that you are in the position of having the capacity to a compensation the week after week or month to month reimbursements in a convenient manner, you will positively find that the logbook loans UK are a profoundly alluring choice for getting speedy money infusion which can be utilized for an extensive variety of reasons. In any case, it is imperative to recollect that since the vehicle is being utilized as insurance for the credit, the moneylenders to have the privilege to repossess the vehicle if you fall behind with the installments later on. So if the vehicle is basic for work or comparable duties, you will absolutely need to precisely consider whether you need to take out this kind of credit in the event that you trust that there might have any challenges with covering the customary reimbursements.

Are there any significant drawbacks

Since you are not utilizing a standard credit from a high road bank you will probably find that the financing costs will be higher than ordinary, yet fundamentally superior to anything fleeting advances like the payday advances. It isn’t generally important to paying altogether high loan costs in the event that you can put the essential time and exertion into investigating the market. On the off chance that you are in the circumstance of having the capacity to get the advances from the high road banks, you aren’t probably going to be worried with a somewhat higher financing cost since you will have the capacity to get the money advance for the fancied sum.

By utilizing the value correlation sites you ought to have the capacity to get a full energy about the possible costs required with the different diverse banks. In a perfect world, you need to take a gander at getting a decent three or four quote which you can contrast one next to the other with give the important time to review the offered terms and rates. When you can settle on the most best hopeful you can reach them keeping in mind the end goal to get a firm credit cite that can coordinate the particular conditions.

Where to find a logbook loan?

There are many place online where you can look if you want a logbook loan. If you want to apply directly with a lender than you can submit your application online with the likes of Eaffy Logbook Loans and other similar companies. The advantages of this is you may be able to think more clearly without as much pressure, knowing that it is just a no obligation quote.

Whichever route you decide to go on, it is always a good to get the appropriate advice first before. And as always if you ever get into difficulties, you should got speak to someone at the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Why are logbook loans very popular?

If you are a millennial, you might not be able to fully comprehend why logbook loans are very popular or why a good number of UK citizens hold it in high esteem. In the past, before logbook loans became mainstream, applying and getting approved for a logbook loan was akin to trying to fell a tree with a razor blade. People were required to have a good credit score before they could be approved for a loan. Those with a poor credit score had no choice but to sit back and watch as those with a good credit history got approved and enjoyed credit facilities.


Eaffy Logbook Loan is a quick and fundamental approach to manage step back the money from your auto. Logbook credit is here to give an inconvenience free, sensible and sensible answer for your budgetary needs, whatever they might be.

Logbook advances are credits secured on your vehicle, so the logbook lender affirms your vehicle until you pay the improvement back. You can continue utilizing your vehicle the length of you reimburse the credit. Regardless, they are costly and dangerous and you ought to evade them in the event that you can.

Fast forward to today and the terrain has immensely changed. The unveiling of log book loans that do not dwell on a person’s credit score have indeed put people on equal pedestal. Individuals no longer need to worry about credit checks whenever they are applying for logbook loans. In fact, one of the many reasons why logbook loans are popular is because a person’s credit history is not taken into consideration prior to being approved. Whether you have a history of CCJ or defaults, you can apply and get approved within no time.

The second reason why logbook loans are popular has to do with the fact that the application process is pretty simple and straightforward. Unlike other types of loans where the requirements are stringent and paper work can take forever, logbook loans can be applied online within minutes and approval done within hours. This is a far cry from the bureaucratic process that we are used to when dealing with personal loans from high street banks.

Thirdly, the only collateral needed when applying for a logbook loan is a car. This is of course something that many people with a poor credit rating appreciate. Also, the fact that you temporarily give up ownership of your car but continue using it as you repay the loan is one of the things that have made logbook loans very popular. Imagine using a business car as collateral and continue to use it to earn income as you make repayments for your loan!

Access to higher amounts of money is another reason that have made logbook loans UK very popular. In fact, people with a poor credit rating rarely get approved for high amounts of money. However, the situation is different with logbook loans. You can get access to money up to 70% of your official car value and this is something that most people find attractive about logbook loans.

Flexibility of repayment is also another important reason for the rising popularity of payment. Depending on when you receive your payment, you can opt to make week, bi-weekly or monthly repayments to your lender. The fact that the repayment period is up to 78 weeks also makes it possible for a person to plan well in advance how they will repay the loan without straining their finances!

Logbook loans are loans secured against your vehicle

They are even going to keep the loan confidential so that you don’t have any issues. Repaying the loan is quite simple and their rates too are quite good.

Financial constraints can affect your life without announcing its arrival. Most of the times, as it is observed, surmounting situation like this becomes a tough nut to crack. To add to your woes is your adverse credit score. Banks and traditional money-lending institutions do not cater to the needs of those having a less than perfect credit score. Do not be shattered if similar is your situation as Eaffy Logbook Loans has an answer to all your cash woes. Apply through them for instant loans for bad credit and procure funds without having to worry about facing rejection.

For all those who are looking to get a loan at a great speed can visit the website Fast Log Book Money can help anyone in a lot of ways. The website helps the individuals in getting Logbook loans in pretty quick time. In just about 24 hours you can get loans without any credit check. This is the best thing about Log Book Money. The amount of credit you need, you can easily get it without much ado. So, clients can get access to cash in just about 24 hours.

The main reason behind their popularity is that they don’t do any credit checks on you. They provide you hassle free loans whenever you need them. During the complete loan period, you can easily have access to your car. Once you pay off the loan during the desired time period they are going to return your car’s log book in double quick time. This is how they operate and offer you some fine services in this industry.

There are several reasons why one can choose them for custom made services in this industry. Some of the reasons are: quick money access, no credit checks at all, simple and straight forward loan procedure, absolutely no impact on your credit report and guaranteed credit approval. No matter you are young or old, whether you earn or not, you can easily get a loan once you contact them. There website has complete information in regard to the services offered by them. Whether you need loan for short term or long term, the company is going to help you in a lot of ways.

They are even going to keep the loan confidential so that you don’t have any issues. Repaying the loan is quite simple and their rates too are quite good. For applying today, you can visit their official website It has complete information for you in regard to their services. For any other information, you can speak to their professionals online. Apply now!

9 Things You Might Not Know About Logbook Loans

Logbook loans are very common at the moment, they enable the value of a car to be released without actually selling the vehicle on. Instead, you repay the loan in installments.

  1. Approval for a Log book Loan is quick; we can approve your loan in as fast as one hour once we have your application and documentation.
  2. You can borrow amounts between £250 and £50,000 depending on your financial circumstances and the value of your car.
  3. The money from the loan can be used for anything, like dealing with a short-term cash flow problem, dealing with an emergency, or investing in the growth of your business for example.
  4. If you’re self-employed you can still apply, and be accepted for, a Logbook loan. You just need to be able to demonstrate a steady income able to maintain repayments via your bank statements.
  5. At Eaffy Logbook Loans we don’t charge you for early repayment. Even better, you can pay your loan off early, which saves money and earns you a rebate on your interest.
  6. The usual length of term for repayment is between 6 months and 3 years, though you can pay off your Logbook Loans in a month if you want to.
  7. Handing over spare keys for your vehicle is extra loan security, and could get you additional favourable terms on your agreement.
  8. Your vehicle doesn’t have to be a certain make, model or age: as long as it’s road worthy, we’ll always consider every vehicle enquiry we receive.
  9. Your loan doesn’t necessarily need to be on a car; vans and small commercial vehicles can also be considered.

Logbook Loans allow you to use your vehicle as security when you want to take a loan. This means you are temporarily transferring ownership of the vehicle to the lender, while still retaining its use. They are a smart way to use the value of your car to get a short-term loan.

If you are looking for log book loan, Log Book Loan Trust, a lending company that has friendly service and terms is there for your assistance. No matter what your credit past is, you have all the chances of getting the loan without dragging you deeper into the financial black hole. 

Why A Logbook Loan Is Cheaper Than You Think

When considering using a loan as a solution to your financial problems the cost of paying it back – the interest and additional fees – can be a deciding factor when making your final choice.


A short-term financial solution

A Logbook Loan can be repaid over anything from six months to three years, depending on the amount you borrow.

However, it is possible to pay back your Logbook Loan early. At Eaffy Logbook Loans, we don’t charge a fee or inflict a penalty if you want to pay your loan back sooner, rather than later.

Some loans, like standard bank loans, charge exit fees or have a set penalty for repaying your loan earlier than agreed. This isn’t the case with our Log book Loans.

Lower Interest than a payday loan.

Payday loans may seem like a quick fix, but they tend to have a high APR –typically, 1000% to 6000% – meaning the interest on the loan is much higher. This can result in repaying more than you expected.
This is because these loans are unsecured, which means there’s no collateral, so the risk to the lender is higher and, in turn, the interest too.
Logbook Loans have a lower APR than a payday loan because you use your vehicle logbook as collateral – borrowing against the value of your car. This means there is reduced risk to the lender and lower interest payments for the borrower.
If you would like to learn more about how little a Logbook Loan can cost, take a look at our low rates.

How a Logbook Loan can help in an emergency

Dealing with an emergency can have an impact on your finances. If an emergency happens when you’re already running low on cash, such as waiting for payday after a month of heavy spending, you can be left worrying how you can afford to pay to fix the problem. Came to Eaffy Logbook Loans and complete the terms and get a simple and easy loan against car.
From your pet falling ill to your washing machine breaking down, we’ve taken a look at some potential emergencies that can leave you needing money urgently. In dealing with such emergencies, a Logbook Loan can help offer a quick and simple financial solution.

Problems in your property

Your home is likely to be your most treasured possession. When an issue occurs within your house it’s not only stressful and frustrating, it can also really affect your quality of life. A leaking pipe or structural damage, for instance, often needs to be immediately fixed to prevent a problem getting worse or becoming unsafe.
Shopping around to get the best quote from a tradesman to fix the problem can save you some money. But even then you could still need a quick cash boost to be able to afford the repairs.

Appliances breaking down

When an important household appliance, like the washing machine or toilet, breaks it can be very difficult to work around and will often need immediate attention. Replacing these appliances or paying for a professional to repair them can be expensive.
If you’ve been spending heavily on fixing or decorating your home, or you’re budgeting to save up for something special, like a family holiday, it can feel like the worst possible timing if an appliance suddenly needs fixing. Thankfully, there is a solution.

How a Logbook Loan can help

A Logbook Loan can be a great solution to fixing a sudden financial problem. If you need cash quickly to pay for an emergency like the ones we’ve mentioned, using your car as collateral to receive money could be the answer.
A loan of this kind is a simple way of using the value of your car to cover any sudden emergency bills, with the added bonus of being able to keep driving your vehicle in the interim.
Borrowing against the value of your car also means the loan is secured. As a result, a Logbook Loan has a lower level of interest than other financial solutions, like a Payday Loan, which means the subsequent repayments are often cheaper. At Eaffy Logbook Loans there are also no additional charges for repaying the loan faster than the agreed time, meaning, with careful budgeting, it is possible to pay it back sooner than you might think.

Logbook Loans: What you need to know

Because of how easy and quick the loan process is, logbook loans have become an ideal solution for people with immediate financial needs in UK. But just like with any type of loans, there are risks involved. It is an excellent alternative if you need fast solution but at the same time, it makes sense to know more about logbook loans.

Before using your car to secure a logbook loan, here are some things you need to know:

Fast Cash and Loan Amount

When it comes to borrowing money, log book loans are one of the fastest means to get cash. There are no credit checks involved hence same approval is usually the case. The borrower can borrow from £500 to as much as £50,000 depending on the value of your car. Normally, lenders can loan you up to 50% of your car’s worth.

Applying for a Loan

To apply for a logbook loan, all you need is your own vehicle to serve as collateral. The lender will keep the logbook or the vehicle’s registration document. You may also need to sign a credit agreement, a “bill of sale” in particular, as part of the application process.

Getting the Loan

Upon approval of the loan, you can get it in the form of a check or quick cash service. Checks usually take days to clear hence majority of lenders offer quick cash services allowing you to get the money within 24 hours or less.

You Can Also Apply Logbook Loans Online from the High street and on the web.

Choosing Repayment Terms

Depending on the amount and your preference, you can choose the most suitable repayment terms. In general, a logbook loan runs for 18 months and sometimes less if that’s what you prefer. Many lenders also offer terms of 2 to 3 years to allow flexibility.

Paying the Loan

Payments are often made on a weekly or monthly basis. You can repay the interest charges until the last week or month of the term. The last month is when you are expected to pay the loaned amount. In case you want to pay off the loan earlier, you can do so to reduce interest rates. The key is to speak with your lender and make the necessary arrangements for repayments that you can afford.

Costs and APR

Lenders in UK generally offer logbook loans with about 400% or more APR. For instance, if you’re borrowing £1000 for the duration of 18 months, your weekly payments will amount to £35.90. The amount is based on a fixed interest rate of 120% making the total amount payable to £2800. In total, the representative APR will be 442.66%.

To compare APRs among UK’s top logbook lenders, you can visit this website here.

What happens if you can’t pay back

In case you fail to make repayments of the loan, you have two options. You can make alternative arrangements with your lender or you risk your vehicle being sold. Lenders will not usually repossess your vehicle unless you’ve fallen behind for several months. Since they have the logbook or the V5 document, the lender has the right to sell your car without the need to bring it to court.

The Bottomline

A logbook loan is an ideal example of a quick fix solution to many of your financial problems. It is fast and easy to avail with the promise of giving you the cash within a day. All you need to do is use your car to secure the borrowed money. As a responsible borrower, however, you need to make sure that you can afford the repayment terms to avoid the risks of losing your car and high interest rates.

How to Find the Best Logbook Loans Companies

If banks deny you a loan because of bad credit, one great option that will never fail is a logbook loan. The lenders give you an easy and reliable method of getting all the cash you want to address the issue at hand. However, the rising number of logbook lenders in the United Kingdom has made it an uphill task for borrowers because many operate with different rules and conditions. This post outlines four steps on how to identify a good logbook loans company.

Look for a legalized lender


The best logbook lender should be licensed as a broker under the UK Bill of Sale Act. By dealing with a legitimate company, you are sure that the standards and conditions of services will be of high quality. Have a look at the license of the lender either on the company’s website or by visiting their offices. You might also want to confirm with the licensing authority to establish whether the lender has received any complaints or negative feedback. If past users have had a lot of complaints, you might need to consider a different lender altogether.


Check the interest rates of the logbook loan

The best lender should have affordable interest rates. Though the interest is usually very high compared to what is offered by commercial banks, compare what different firms are charging. Because the standard term for log book loans in the UK is 58 weeks, make sure to compare the annual percentage rate (APR) because it can be very high at times. The secret is ensuring that you repay the money as soon as possible. APR is calculated by a factor of interest, method of repayment, frequency, amount, and length of repayment. Make sure to pick the logbook loan firm with the lowest interest rates.

Ease of getting the loan

If you want urgent cash, the best lender should have easily accessible quotes and assess your car promptly to release funds. Today, there are lenders who can give you cash within 24 hours of application. However, you need to carefully review the terms and conditions of such lenders especially the interest rates and repayment conditions.

Review the experience of past clients

Good logbook loans provider in the UK are built on the platform of best practices. They go to great lengths in offering better services and driving customer satisfaction. However, you can only tell this by meeting past clients. Check different companies’ websites to meet with past clients and read through their reviews or testimonials. If the reports are negative and there are no signs of improvement, the chances are that you will also have a similar story. However, if past users give very positive feedback; do not hesitate to take a loan from such a lender.


Logbook loans provide a good option to people who cannot access conventional loans from banks. They are easy to get and do not have credit history checks like banks usually do. To get the best offer, it is prudent to find a lender using the outlined four main points. Besides, make sure to repay the loan back as soon as possible to avoid interest hikes that can harm your credit score even more.  For even more information about this loan product, visit Eaffy Logbook Loans.