Why are logbook loans very popular?

On the off chance that you are a millennial, you won’t not have the capacity to completely understand why logbook loans are exceptionally prominent or why a decent number of UK natives hold it in high regard. Previously, before logbook loan got to be standard, applying and getting affirmed for a logbook loan was likened to attempting to fell a tree with a disposable cutter. Individuals were required to have a decent FICO assessment before they could be endorsed for a credit. Those with a poor FICO assessment had no real option except to kick back and look as those with a decent record of loan repayment got endorsed and delighted in credit offices.

Quick forward to today and the landscape has hugely changed. The revealing of logbook loans that don’t harp on a man’s FICO assessment have to be sure put individuals on equivalent platform. People no longer need to stress over credit checks at whatever point they are applying for logbook loans. Truth be told, one of the numerous reasons why logbook loans are prevalent is on the grounds that a man’s record as a consumer is not mulled over before being affirmed. Whether you have a past filled with CCJ or defaults, you can apply and get affirmed inside no time.

The second motivation behind why logbook-loans are prevalent needs to do with the way that the application procedure is quite basic and direct. Not at all like different sorts of advances where the prerequisites are stringent and paper work can take perpetually, logbook loans can be connected  logbook loans online  inside minutes and endorsement done inside hours. This is a long ways from the bureaucratic procedure that we are utilized to when managing individual credits from high road banks.

Thirdly, the main security required when applying for a logbook loan is an auto. This is obviously something that numerous individuals with a poor FICO assessment appreciate. Likewise, the way that you incidentally surrender responsibility for auto yet keep utilizing it as you reimburse the credit is something that have made logbook loans exceptionally famous. Envision utilizing a business auto as security and keep on using it to win pay as you make reimbursements for your credit!

Access to higher measures of cash is another reason that have made logbook advances exceptionally prominent. Actually, individuals with a poor FICO score once in a while get endorsed for high measures of cash. Be that as it may, the circumstance is diverse with logbook credits. You can access cash up to 70% of your official auto esteem and this is something that a great many people find appealing about logbook loans.

Adaptability of reimbursement is likewise another critical purpose behind the rising notoriety of installment. Contingent upon when you get your installment, you can pick to make week, bi-week after week or month to month reimbursements to your moneylender. The way that the reimbursement period is up to 78 weeks likewise makes it feasible for a man to arrange well ahead of time how they will reimburse the credit without straining their accounts!

Advantages of a Logbook Loan

Despite what other financial experts say about logbook loans, the financial product continues to attract a large number of borrowers across UK for several reasons. Not only does the loan bridges the large gap in the market but it helps borrowers meet a wide range of financial needs and emergencies. If you’re thinking of taking out this type of financial product, here are a few advantages that makes it a better option than other high risk loans such as payday loans.
Loan against your car

Fast approval

More and more logbook loan lenders are now promising same day approval for their loan deals as a way to lure more customers to apply. This means that if you need quick cash, you can avail a logbook loan and meet any financial need within the same day you applied. To guarantee fast approval, just make sure you are eligible for a logbook loan and you meet the eligibility criteria. It would also help if you prepare the needed requirements prior to completing an application form. Among the documents your lender will need include your vehicle’s V5 document, MOT certificate and insurance details among other things.

Large loan offers

With logbook loans, the loan amounts are also larger because of the security requirement. In most cases, you should be able to borrow between £250 and £50,000. The maximum amount your lender can lent you will depend on your car’s official value but in general, it is set around 70% of said value. With the large loan offers, borrowers are able to meet a wider range of financial needs. Whether it’s just an overdue bill or a major medical expenses, you can count on logbook loans to give you a quick cash solution you can easily avail. To compare the best logbook loan deals available in the market today, go to http://www.eaffylogbookloans.uk

Longer loan terms

It also follows that logbook loans come with longer and more flexible loan terms. The typical repayment term for a logbook loan starts from a few weeks to 36 months. The term will depend on what your lender offers but you can also tailor made it according to your loan amount and financial capability. If you need a longer time to repay your loan then you can opt for the maximum repayment term available. If you want to pay the loan fast, you can also do that. Either way, logbook-loan lenders are more flexible with terms than other lenders offer unsecured personal loans.

No credit check

But more than the larger loan offers and longer loan terms, the fact that there’s no credit check with logbook loans is its biggest advantage over other types of personal loans. With no credit check means anyone with bad credit can avail the loan. Your credit score will not affect your approval. In fact, your application is considered approved provided that you are eligible and you meet all the loan requirements. In most cases, you can expect to get approved in as fast as a coupe of days or even within 24 hours for some lenders.

Facts About The Logbook Loan:

Logbook Loans are constantly favored when there is a critical need of cash, as these loans are much simpler to get paying little heed to different sorts of advances that have an exceptionally long system and they additionally consider FICO assessment for the advance. On the off chance that you require logbook loan and you have your own particular auto in the United Kingdom, then Eaffy Logbook Loans is helping you with your monetary issues.

Before applying for anything, you should know each manage and direction alongside other real things. In spite of the ease that eaffy log-bookloan has made for its clients, you should likewise know these things that will help you on your way further. You should know each and every insight about the progression that you are going to make. So observe every one of these realities identified with the logbook advance.

  •            What Is The Logbook Loan?

A Logbook loan is the sort of credit that is given against the auto that you owe. Be that as it may, you should be the enlisted proprietor of the auto in the United Kingdom and your auto must not be under deal or any such different process. You will have the capacity to get the cash against your auto, yet don’t stress, this is just to secure the procedure. In the interim, you will have the capacity to utilize your auto as you are utilizing it now. We wouldn’t take it from you unless you pay the greater part of your reimbursements on time.

  •            How Much You Can Get With The Logbook-Loan?

As these sorts of loans are given against your auto, yet this doesn’t really imply that you don’t get more cash on the off chance that you have a little auto. The cash we give is free of the auto that you owe. In this way, you can get cash as much as you need. What’s more, the reimbursements for your cash can be from months to a couple of years. It is absolutely needy upon you that how much time you will take to pay back the cash as we don’t compel our customers to pay early.

  •           What If You Need Urgently?

In the event that you have any crisis that can be a direct result of some restorative issues or you have some past due utility or different bills, then you have gone to the ideal place. Eaffy Logbook loans dependably respects those individuals who are in dire need of cash and they locate no other source. These credits are given to the customers inside a little time. Once your application is endorsed for the credit, we will convey your cash following a couple of hours. Thus, it is one of the best choices to consider when you are in earnest need of cash.

  •           What About Interest Rate?

Eaffy Logbook Loan is constantly headed towards peopling as much as it can. Consequently, our banks are quicker to individuals with the credits instead of putting more weight on them with expanded financing costs. In this way, our loan specialists offer the most reduced financing costs than some other in the market. In this manner, we are most popular and the best among our clients.

7 Facts You Need To Know About Logbook Loans

There are just promises of something better in the Press nowadays that the world financial retreat is behind us. Yet, for some individuals real proof of an arrival to the great days is few and far between.

Meanwhile we as a whole have an obligation to ourselves and our families to ensure our budgetary security yet in some cases it gets to be hard to do as such, particularly if each money related organization that you swing to is themselves working under strict rules taking after the monetary emergency.

The idea of logbook loans goes some approach to address and understand such issues, especially for individuals with an awful record as a consumer or who have been denied an advance from somewhere else.

Logbook Loans are one of the quickest sorts of advances accessible in theUnited Kingdom. They permit you to get cash from a budgetary organization utilizing your auto (which must be free or almost free of fund) as security. Viably subsequently a logbook advance resemble a home loan yet utilizing your auto as security.

The vehicle utilized as security can be a van, auto RV or even a motorbike. There are no credit checks and the borrower will even now claim and drive his/her own particular auto while the advance is exceptional.


Here are 7 certainties that you have to think about logbook loans.

  1. Unemployed individuals can get logbook loans

Individuals who are unemployed or on advantages can like wise apply and getlogbook-loans. The most critical thing with this sort of advance is that you should have the capacity to reimburse as advances are allowed subject to reasonableness. Reimbursement could originate from different sources. Consequently, vocation is not a basic variable that you requirement for you to meet all requirements to get the credit.

You simply should be sure that to be sure you can reimburse the regularly scheduled installments of the advance acquired and concur the terms of reimbursement with the logbook loan specialist.

  1. Individuals with terrible credit can at present apply  for a logbook loans

You don’t have to stress that you are not going to get a log book loans just in light of the fact that you have a terrible FICO score. Logbook-loan specialists won’t address or even check your FICO score so you don’t have to stress. Since there’s no credit check, your poor FICO assessment won’t keep you from getting the advance.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you take up a logbook-loans and reimburse it on time you can enhance your FICO rating.

  1. Logbook Loans are otherwise called Car Title Loans or V5 Loans

In the UK these advances are best known as logbook loans, after the natural name for an auto title archive on which the advance is secured. In the US they’re known as Car Title Loans (and sometimes in the UK) and they can likewise be known as V5 advances, the official name of the auto logbook.

As the advance is secured against your vehicle the bank will hold the logbook while the progress is extraordinary. As a rule the vehicle must be under 10 years of age and recall that it can be repossessed on the off chance that you don’t keep up the reimbursements.

  1. You can get the back inside 24 hours or less

Given its effortlessness and the way that you needn’t bother with credit checks, you can get the money just inside 24 hours.

This sort of progress doesn’t include an excess of printed material; henceforth it’s a speedy method for getting cash. When you apply for a consistent advance from a bank, the entire procedure can take weeks before the cash get credited to your record (that is if it’s endorsed). The procedure may take long because of the way that the bank first needs to screen and assess your credit value, get proof of your pay and in addition finish a long and complex shape.

Logbook loans don’t include this confounded procedure. You can like wise apply for a logbook credit internet utilizing your PC. The application just takes a few minutes and the loan specialist will come to you to finish the printed material.

  1. Are less expensive than payday advances.

Logbook loans are particularly expected for the sub prime market and that makes them costly. They have high financing costs.

Logbooks loans are approved and loaned by non-managing an account budgetary foundations. By the way that you don’t have to stress over your record of loan repayment and value, it is viewed as a high hazard wander and banks subsequently charge high financing costs to the candidate.

Be that as it may, when logbookloans are contrasted with payday advances, the cost of logbook loans are quite less expensive. That is on the grounds that Payday credits charge a financing cost that is anyplace somewhere around 3 and 10 times the rate of logbook advances.

  1. Have an adaptable period for reimbursement

Not at all like payday advance where the candidate needs to reimburse the obligation inside a brief time frame, logbook loan can be compensated for over a time of year and a half.

The candidate can concur with the bank on the best way to pay the advance .The adaptable advance period is extremely advantageous particularly to those candidates who require time to reimburse back the advance.

  1. You can save money on the aggregate cost of a logbook credit

It’s conceivable to spare a great deal of cash on your logbook loan. This is on the grounds that, on the off chance that you reimburse your office early, you’ll just be charged enthusiasm for the period when the progress is extraordinary.

This implies in the event that you were expected to reimburse in two years and you reimburse the credit following one year, you’ll spare the spare the money that you would somehow or another spend paying premium. This sparing can be very extensive.


In case you’re occupied with a logbook loan and have an auto that is clear of fund (or about clear) then either phone 08081 635 342 (it’s allowed to call from a landline) or fill in the two moment application on this site and we’ll hit you up at the soonest opportunity.

Important things you should know about logbook loans

With logbook loans becoming mainstream and a favourable source of urgent cash among people in the UK, it is important that you be conversant about a number of things concerning them. Granted, a good number of people apply for logbook loans from an ignorant point of view and end up regretting their decisions much later on. With a substantial number of people crying foul and lenders tendencies to provide basic information, learning as much as possible before taking out a logbook loan is essential. So what are some of the important things you need to know about logbook loans prior to applying for them?


If there is something that has made the popularity of logbook-loans go through the roof, it has to do with the fact that approval is usually quick provided that a lender has all the documentation and information about the borrower that they need. In most cases, approval for a logbook loan is usually within 24 hours and 48 hours at its longest.


Amount of money you can borrow

Essentially, the amount of money you can borrow is usually dependent on the trade value of your car. Most logbook loan lenders have no problem availing you amounts anywhere from £300 to somewhere around £25000 depending on how much you need. However, your current official car value should be able to cover the cost of the loan.


The general belief is that a person should be in employment before they can be considered for a logbook loan. However, this is not always the case and that is why you are encouraged to do background research before doing business with a given UK logbook loan lender. A good number of logbook loan lenders accept individuals working part time or in self-employment so long as they can produce proof that they regularly receive income.

Repayment period

Logbook loans are flexible when it comes to repayments. The length or period of repayment can be anywhere between 3 months to 3 years. However, if you have the means, you can pay off your logbook loan within a month. You can also choose to make repayments weekly if you are comfortable with that arrangement.

Early repayments

It is advisable that you ask your logbook loan lender whether they charge someone for repaying their logbook loan early. The reason for this is that there are logbook loan lenders that penalize individuals for early repayments while others don’t. So, to be on the safe side, ask in advance.

Collateral doesn’t need to be a car of a given make

This is another fallacious belief that in order for a person to qualify for alogbook loan, they need to have a certain make of a vehicle. The truth of the matter is that you can use a van or even a motorcycle as security. Greater emphasis is placed on the age as well as the condition of the van or car as opposed to a particular make.

Handing over of spare keys

While it’s not a requirement to hand over your spare keys to your logbook loanlender, handing over can indeed get you favourable logbook loan terms.

Loan purpose

Logbook loan lenders rarely ask you what you aim to do with the money they advance you. You can indeed use the money for whatever purpose provided that you make repayments on time.

There you have it. If you’ve been having the wrong idea about logbook loans, no doubt the aforementioned information has indeed cleared the air for you.


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Logbook loans are used for people that have bad credit that need money quickly. Logbook loans can be completed on the same day. The applicant must have proof of a steady source of income to be approved for a logbook or V5 loan.

Are you looking for a Logbook Loans in your local area? Our brokers/lenders have great rates available so use our quote form now to see if they can offer you a great logbook loan. Remember you can secure your loan against the value of your car, but you can keep driving it! If you’re looking for a convenient and stress-free then a logbook loan is the ideal type of loan for you. With more favourable interest rates than most other payday loan providers and money delivered direct, a logbook loan is an alternative way to get money from the value of your vehicle.

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What is a V5 logbook loan?Just like a high street money shop lends you cash based on the value of your goods you can get a loan against the value of your car. The best part is that you keep your car, no trade-ins! Logbook loans are a simple, stress-free way to get money from your car. Click Quick Quote to compare our rates now.

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The fact is this type of logbook loan can have lower APRs and therefore cheaper than some other last minute loan and payday options.

Reasons for getting a V5 logbook loan?

A logbook loan fits in because it is designed for people who have trouble getting a loan due to a bad credit rating but have a vehicle that they can use as collateral. Many people assume that they would be very expensive, but because you have something to put down as collateral, then it substantially lowers the risk associated with the V5 loans and means that the lender will be prepared to charge less for it.You can spend your logbook loan money on whatever you like. Pay the bills, have a holiday or buy some presents… you can decide whatever you want.


If you’re looking for a loan that’s instant to apply for, convenient and stress-free then a logbook loanis the ideal type of loan for you. With more favourable interest rates than most other payday loan providers and money delivered direct, a logbook loan is an alternative way to get money from the value of your vehicle.

Simply complete our online application form above to see how much you could borrow against your car.


If you’ve got a poor credit score, a CCJ or are even in arrears it doesn’t matter. We don’t ask for these embarrassing background credit details when you are applying for your logbook loan.